Portland Farmers' Market


One of the highlights of my visit to Oregon was the chance to finally visit the Portland Farmers' Market. It is considered one of the premier farmers' markets in the US, and features all the stuff I dream about while in Thailand: cheese, fresh herbs, wild mushrooms, wine, oysters and depending on the season, a huge variety of other produce.


I was there in May, very early summer, so understandably there wasn't a huge amount of stuff available. There were lots of cold-weather veggies, including carrots:




and some early strawberries:


And perhaps more unusually, fern shoots:


Mushrooms from the forests of Oregon looked particularly interesting:


There is also heaps of delicious-looking prepared food, including these pizzas:


baked in this mobile wood-burning oven:


Another stall tossed its pizza dough on site:


This stall selling Italian sausage sandwiches was particularly popular:


I was particularly interested in the breads and baked goods, including these amazing looking loaves from Ken's, currently considered one of Portland's best bakeries:


Italian-style loaves from a German bakery:


and baked sweets, such as tiny lemon tart:


There were also lots of happy customers:



Including me.