Fish and chips in Astoria


My brother Garett lives outside Astoria, Oregon, a city located at the mouth of the Columbia River in the far northwest corner of the state. Astoria is an incredibly hilly town with lots of old buildings, and has served as the setting of such influential and groundbreaking films as The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop. Film history is not, however, one of my interests, and luckily Astoria also has some interesting restaurants.

In town for lunch one day we stopped by Clemente's, a seafood market and restaurant known for its fish and chips. Rather than plain old fish and chips, I went with the more exotic oyster and chips:


The coast of Washington, directly north of Astoria, is known for producing some of the finest oysters in the world, and I wanted to take advantage of this. Thankfully the restaurant treated them well, barely coating them in batter and deep-frying them so that the batter was crispy, but the oysters inside were more or less still raw, just like they should be.

Garett ordered albacore tuna with his chips, a fish that previously formed the basis of Astoria's fishing industry.


This being Oregon, the fish and chips were accompanied by a bottle of simply amazing beer, in this case the Dechutes Brewery's Black Butte Porter:


I chose this bottle because Deschutes makes what must be my favorite beer of all, the Mirror Pond Pale Ale. The porter, although not my favorite style of beer, was excellent, and went very well with oily deep-fried seafood.

And in case you've already forgotten, there's some pretty good f & c available in Bangkok here. My writeup can be found here.

1335 Marine Drive
Astoria, OR
(503) 325 1067