Kota Kinabalu's evening market


Finally back to Asia...

I recently found myself in Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. It's a small town with not a great deal to offer, but fortunately has what must be one of the most colorful and interesting fresh markets I've ever visited. The market is located right on the waterfront, and gets started just before sunset:


The emphasis here is seafood, and the market had the biggest variety of fresh fish I've ever seen anywhere:


In particular, there were several vendors selling a tuna-like fish that I've never come across in mainland SE Asia:


as well as every other kind of fish you could imagine:



and the people who prepare them:


There were also several kids walking around clutching plastic bags, begging for fish scraps. This girl, one of them, was very interested in my camera:


Other interesting sea-related eats were several varieties of edible seaweed:



and conch shells with their meat sold separately in plastic bags:


There's also plenty of land-based food:



and a great deal of prepared food, including curry shops selling stuff such as these deep-fried soft shell crabs:


and drinks sold by flirtatious vendors:


I'll detail the interesting meal I had here in my next post.