Joe's Donuts


Joe's Donuts is a donut shop in my hometown of Sandy, Oregon. Apparently the place has quite a reputation, and has a keen a following among locals, foodies in the Portland area, as well as skiers on their way up to Mt Hood:


Ironically, despite having more or less grown up in Sandy, I had never been to Joe's Donuts. So one morning, with nothing to do and a hunger for American food, I decided to make the 10 minute walk over to the place. I ordered a double espresso, a blueberry fritter (I think that's what it was called) and my favorite, an old fashioned:


The donuts were pretty good, but I've been out of the deep-fried dough loop so long I wouldn't know an exceptional one if it hit me on the head. I've never even been to Krispy Kreme. And setting me even further apart from most Americans, I wasn't even able to finish my donuts, and ended up taking half home in a bag.

Regarding the coffee, I find a perverse pleasure in ordering espresso in the US; because most Americans drink incredibly complicated coffee creations that involve multiple-digit ingredients, my order of a simple espresso almost always elicits a bewildered response. Several times while in Oregon I was only charged for what is known as an "extra shot" and got a decent espresso for 50 cents!

Joe's Donuts
39230 Pioneer Blvd
Sandy, OR
(503) 668-7215