A work in progress

I have plans to do an exhibition at Kathmandu, the photography gallery of famed Thai photographer, Manit Sriwanichpoom. I've been photographing Chinatown a lot lately and took some of my images to Manit before I went abroad. He saw some potential in the pics I brought by, and in particular liked the following shots:







I also like these shots, so it's good to know Manit and I are on the same page. My only problem is that I don't really have a "concept" yet. I've just been walking around shooting whatever looks interesting. Also, I've been traveling so much lately that I haven't had time to go back and take more shots. Fortunately I have time--Kathmandu is booked up until the end of the year. So I get back from Cambodia, where I'm going tomorrow, I'm going make a point of going back to Chinatown on a regular basis and will to sure to share my progress here.