Tuesday market


Every Saturday my neighborhood plays host to a gigantic talaat nat, or weekend market. I love this market and always look forward to it. Ironically, I always tend to forget that we also have a much smaller market every Tuesday afternoon. It's probably only 1/4 the size of the Saturday market, but there's still some interesting stuff, including fruit:


deep-fried fish:


and Thai sweets:


This girl was helping her dad sell crabs:


This stall sells northern Thai dishes:


Not the best, but good when you need a northern Thai fix. Much better were the southern Thai hor mok yaang, grilled curries:


They're sold topped with crab meat, shrimp, fish or horseshoe crab eggs. A crab and a shrimp and a plate of rice formed my dinner.

I'm off to Cambodia tomorrow for a week where I'll be working with Phil of Phenomenon on some articles. I won't be posting, but you can expect some follow up posts here after I get back.