The Fridge

Three exceptional pies from The Fridge, One Tree Hill, Auckland, New Zealand Somehow I'd only consumed one pie, hastily and in the front seat of a car, during my stay in New Zealand, a situation I was determined to remedy. So on my last day in the country Hock did a bit of online research and we headed over to Kingsland to sample what the Internet told us were Auckland's best pies.

Arriving at The Fridge I followed Hock's strict instructions and avoided the Thai Red Curry Chicken and Moroccan Lamb pies and instead grabbed a Mince, a Steak and Guinness and something having to do with cheese and potato. The pies were $6, which apparently makes them somewhat spendy by Auckland pie standards.

We stopped at One Tree Hill Park and dug in:

Hock downing pies from The Fridge, One Tree Hill, Auckland, New Zealand

The mince was a classic, with a buttery flaky crust and a rich filling that, coupled with liberal squirts of tomato sauce, made a huge mess. The Steak and Guinness boasted a decent but somewhat bland stew-like filling with carrots and potatoes. And the cheese and potato pie was predominately gloopy and heavy.

I'm not qualified to say whether or not these are Auckland's best pies, but I thoroughly enjoyed the mince in particular, and Hock, a native and pie enthusiast, seemed to agree. And if I'm being totally honest, I even enjoyed the half of the cheese and potato pie, as it ensured that I had absolutely no reason to eat airline food -- even if I wouldn't eat for another four hours.

The Fridge 507 New North Road Kingsland, Auckland New Zealand +64 (0)9 845 5321 730am-4pm Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm Sat & Sun

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