Snapshots from Mae Hong Son: Chicken

A native of Ban Mae Lana, Mae Hong Son, and his chicken To regular readers, it will come as no surprise that, yet again, I find myself up in Mae Hong Son, northern Thailand. This time I'm only up here for 10 days, and am already doing a fair bit of writing, so I'd prefer to keep my blogging to mostly image-based, marginally food-related posts. A caveat: I'm shooting with my old D100, a single 35mm f/2 and am editing the images on a laptop, so the images won't be amazing, but to be honest, I find that the 400ISO JPEGs from this camera have an attractive old-school film-like quality.

I came across the guy above just outside Ban Mae Lana, possibly the most attractive rural village anywhere in the country. He made for a nice portrait, but initially I was drawn to his 'luggage':

Chicken in travel container, Ban Mae Lana, Mae Hong Son

a chicken container carved out of a length of bamboo, complete with a window and airholes! He explained that he takes the rooster into the woods, ties it to something and encourages it to call. This  apparently attracts any 'wild chickens' (kai paa), which he then shoots. Unfortunately this particular chicken wasn't yet ready. "He's still scared of the forest," explained the man, "He needs to be trained."