The Foodie

IMG_0919 ***As of 2015 this restaurant has closed. AB***

People often ask me for my favourite restaurant in Bangkok. I'm never quite sure how to reply to this, as frankly, there are lots of places that do a particular dish very well but very few restaurants excel at everything. The closest I've come to the an all-around outstanding restaurant would most likely be nahm, but it's expensive and most appropriate for a special dinner or splurge.

The Foodie is certainly not my favourite Thai restaurant in Bangkok, but after about six or so visits, it's proved to be all-around consistently tasty. The restaurant's been around for a while (previously in a former location) and specialises in somewhat unusual dishes of southern and central Thai origin that you're not going to find elsewhere.

On my most recent visit we ate (starting at approximately 12 o'clock on the image above and moving clockwise) Prik king pla dook foo, catfish fried in a curry paste mixture until crispy; Kaeng liang goong sod, a peppery, herbal soup with shrimp, mushrooms and pumpkin; Yam som o, a 'salad' of pomelo with a spicy/sour dressing; and Ma-ra pad goong-sab, a stir-fry of bitter gourd and minced shrimp with lots of garlic. The Yam som o is the standout, and has the right combination of sweet and spicy, not to mention lots of crunchy dried fish and deep-fried shallots.

The Foodie 150 Soi Phiphat 2, Bangkok 02 231 5278 11am-11pm Mon-Sat

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