Tang Meng Noodle

IMG_0915 Despite its English-language name, I suspect that most people know Tang Meng Noodle (Thai name: Khao Man Kai Tang Meng) for its khao man kai (Hainanese chicken rice). That's why I first went, when taken there several months ago by C and S, friend/owners of nearby WTF. On that visit, I found the khao man kai to be decent, but a subsequent visit revealed that the real surprise here is in fact the noodles.

This tiny longstanding place specialises in the type of Chinese-influenced noodles popular in Bangkok and central Thailand. The yen ta fo (pictured above) has a slightly sweet and tart broth that holds the usual assortment of noodles, fish balls and veggies, as well as lots of crunchy  bits, ranging from deep-fried tofu to fish skin. I don't think it's quite as good as the bowl served at my local joint, but it's one of the better ones I've encountered.

They also do a couple takes on bamee, wheat and egg noodles. You can go with the traditional version, which takes the form of thin round noodles served with roasted pork and Chinese mustard greens, or try the flat type, which come served with a seemingly random mix of just about every protein imaginable, from homemade fish balls to chunks of roast duck:


Tang Meng Noodle Near cnr Soi 49 & Th Sukhumvit, Bangkok Breakfast & lunch

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