Tang Jua Lee

Fish hot pot, Tang Jua Lee, Bangkok Am back home in Bangkok, for a few days anyway, and one of the places I wanted to eat at and blog about was a restaurant I came upon only relatively recently. Tang Jua Lee is a longstanding restaurant in Bangkok's Chinatown, but since undergoing a relatively recent a face-lift, has something of a modern feel:

Inside Tang Jua Lee, Bangkok

The restaurant's specialty is hotpots, which come in a few different forms. The tastiest is probably a hotpot of deep-fried fish head meat (tastes much better than it sounds) served in a broth seasoned with dried plum and thin slices of ginger (illustrated at the top of this post). The dried plum (buay in Thai) provides a pleasantly salty tartness that is quite unlike tamarind or lime, the normal souring elements in Thai-style sour soups.

They also do a suki-yaki-type hot pot, where you're provided with a simple broth loaded with a few basic ingredients:

Hotpot, Tang Jua Lee, Bangkok

which you supplement with raw ingredients (fish, meat, tofu, veggies, etc.):

Inside Tang Jua Lee, Bangkok

I've eaten here three times now and have sampled Tan Jua Lee's non-hot pot dishes, and can confirm that it's the type of place where just about everything is solid. Most recently, in addition to hot pot, we had a dish of Chinese-style pickled veggies:

A dish of pickled vegetables, Tang Jua Lee, Bangkok

and a stir-fry of goat meat:

Stir-fried goat, Tang Jua Lee, Bangkok

The latter was of the few dishes I've ever encountered in Thailand that used fermented black beans. It was very good, although I'd say that they went a bit overboard with the kheun chai, Chinese celery.

On previous visits I have tried their tasty flash-fried greens:

Stir-fried greens, Tang Jua Lee, Bangkok

made Chinese style, with few bells and whistles but with lots of smokey flavour, and their excellent or suan, oyster omelet:

Or suan, oyster omelet, Tang Jua Lee, Bangkok

which is rich and garlicky, without being gloopy or overly-eggy.

Tang Jua Lee 2212 Th Khao Lam 02 236 4873 11am-10pm

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