F-cup Cookie

An ad for F Cup Cookie, Vang Vieng, Laos Seen on a roadside in Vang Vieng, Laos. At first I assumed the bra reference was some sort of not-so-subtle sexy advertising technique, but apparently it's meant literally, and according to the website, each F-cup cookie contains '50mg of the herbal breast enhancer Pueraria Mirifica'. The website continues, 'As the name implies, F-cup Cookies will help you achieve larger breasts while you relax and enjoy a tasty, low calorie cookie. (An F cup size in Japan is like a DD cup size in the U.S.). Try an F-cup Cookie with Japanese Tea. A perfect combination.'

If cookies aren't your ideal medium, you could opt for Bust Up Gum, which, in addition to breast enhancement, offers:

* Improved Circulation * Healthier Menstruation (PMS Relief) * Relief of Menopausal Symptoms * Increased Vaginal Secretion * Healthier Hair and Skin * Reduced Stress * Look Younger