Talaat Aw Taw Kaw

This is the odd name of Bangkok's highest end market. Many claim that it is overpriced and overrated, but if you want to find the best fruit and seafood in town, there's really no other choice. The market is located across the street from the famous Chatujak Weekend Market, and steps away from the Kampheng Phet MRT station.

Aw Taw Kaw (an abbreviation that stands for the Farmer's Marketing Organization) is especially known for its fruit. This includes young tamarind:

a variety of bananas from southern Thailand known as kluay lep mue naang, literally "lady finger bananas":

and guavas:

The seafood at Aw Taw Kaw is very expensive, but looks (and tastes) great:

The dish below, poo phat phong karii, combines crab, egg, green onions and curry powder.

Kapi, shrimp paste, is another form of seafood available at the market.

Aw Taw Kaw is a great place to buy regional Thai ingredients and prepared foods. This stall sells northern Thai food:

And of course, there's dessert. Below are a variety of sticky rice-based sweets:

These below are called khanom taan, and are a combination of flour and palm sugar steamed in a banana leaf cup and topped with salty/sweet shredded coconut:

Khanom khrok are tiny crispy "pancakes" of coconut milk. Like many Thai desserts, they have a slightly salty/savory flavor.