Shanghai Dim Sum

This the the second dim sum shop to spring up in my neighborhood as of late. And by spring up I mean that quite literally; one day this was an empty building and virtually the next it was a fully decorated, functioning restaurant. Shit happens fast in BKK.
After the surprisingly good grub at Chokdee Dim Sum I had somewhat high expectations for this new place. Unfortunatley it was not meant to be. For starters, rather than being able to choose your raw dim sum from a glass cabinet (thus giving you the opportunity to choose what looks fresh), at Shanghai you're given a short menu with photos of the choices:


which inevitably never look so nice in real life.

We began with the standard Thai dim sum starter, a hot bowl of bak kut te:


Spicy with black pepper and chock fulla pork ribs, dried mushrooms and tofu skin, it was not bad, but wholly unremarkable. This was followed by salapao, steamed filled buns:


again, astonishingly mediocre, and somehow they managed to simultaneously over and undercook them. Marginally better was stuffed squid:


My personal fave of the day were the poh pia thod, deep-fried spring rolls:


which were actually surprisingly tasty, but not enough to rescue an achingly average meal.

So it looks like I'll be driving the extra five minutes to get my dim sum fix at Chokdee. Shanghai Dim Sum is located at the far end of Soi Sena (near the Kaset-Navamin Highway), and looks like this:


And just in case there are any unemployed dim sum jockeys out there, the sign in front of the shop says they're hiring and salary starts at 6,000 baht (about $200) a month. It doesn't, however, mention anything about health care benefits or profit-sharing programs.