Lang Head

Lang means "behind" in Thai, and Head refers the the Head Office of Thai Airways International. Put these together and you have the colloquial name of a large market located behind Thai's head office on Vibhavadi Road. The market is primarily known for its clothes, as well as some other frivolous, useless things, but here at RealThai we will focus only on the important issues, ie food.

The Thai Airways Head Office is filled with prepetually hungry people who, every day at lunch, are let free en masse and run screaming out of the building in search of sustenance. Many of Thai Airways employees are upper middle class, and can afford slightly better eats than the average office slave. As a result, the food court at lang head is a bit better than most, featuring an amazing diversity of food from all over the country, as well as several takes on noodles, the staple food of most Bangkokians.

We arrived on a recent day at about 11:00 AM:


It was still pretty quiet when we got there, and I recommend going at this time, as at lunch it's pretty mad and you're liable to get a chili in your eye or worse during the feeding frenzy.

Although there weren't yet many customers, the cooks were very busy, scrambling to get their food ready for the lunch hour:


serving up khao mok kai, chicken biryani:


and frying up roti:


After some initial scouting, I decided to trust my lunch with these people:


They serve a variety of nam phrik, Chili-based dips, that are accompanied by a fresh and deep-fried veggies and a fillet of deep-fried mackerel. I chose nam phrik khai pu, a nam phrik with crab eggs:


Starting at 11 o'clock you have the mackerel fillet, at 1 o'clock deep-fried veggies including battered eggplant and cha om khai, sort of an omelette of egg and a pungent herb, at 3 o'clock the nam phrik, and 6 o'clock par-boiled veggies, including carrot, cabbage, long bean and a kind of gourd. An excellent lunch for 40 baht (just over $1) my only gripe being that they were a bit skimpy on the nam phrik pu.

As lunch approached people started filing in, ordering noodles:


curry over rice:


and some other meaty food:


Thai Airways International Head Office is located on 89 Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, and as mentioned previously, the market and food center is located on a small street directly behind the building. Just look for all the hungry Thai employees.