Ran Nam Tao Hu Yong Her


The name of this restaurant literally means Yong Her Soy Milk Shop. Clever, isn't it? But soy milk is available just about everywhere in Bangkok, and clever restaurant names abound. The real reason you should come here is to try authentic northern Chinese food, a relative rarity here in Bangkok. The menu spans all the doughy, starchy foods loved by the residents of China's cold north, as well as some interesting salads, pickles, soups and oh yeah, soy milk (pictured above).

I asked the Chinese waitress what she recommended and she pointed to a menu item described in English as "Small steamed dumpling." Despite the vague name, I trusted her, and what came to my table was actually a huge tray of xiao long bao, the Shanghainese broth-filled steamed dumplings:


I found these to be much, much better than those I had previously at Crystal Jade. The skins were just strong enough to support the hot broth without being too thick, and the pork filling was soft, tasty and not overwhelming.

Unfortunately I was on my own and didn't get a chance to try much else, but I really enjoyed the dumplings, and the other diners' meals looked great as well, so you can expect to hear more from me about this place.

Ran Nam Tao Hu Yong Her
68 Thanon Narathiwat (near Chong Nonsi BTS station)
02 635 0003