Phat Sii Ew

This fried noodle dish is something I enjoyed when I first moved to Thailand, and I even made it at home a couple times. For some reason though I somehow lost track of phat sii ew and hadn't eaten it for about four years.

Just recently I was stranded on a street near my house and "discovered" an excellent phat sii ew shop. The name of the shop is Laad Naa Yod Phak Nay Lao, ("Mr Yao's Laad Naa with Tender Vegetables", laad naa is another dish made there), a well-known shop downtown that has a branch near my neighborhood. Eating here made me realize what I had been missing all these years. For those who don't know, phat see ew is made by frying wide rice noodles with eggs, pork, and phak khanaa (Chinese broccoli), with a soy sauce-based sauce. This place makes truly amazing phat sii ew. It's done in a huge freaking wok over a very strong flame:

First the eggs are fried, then the noodles and veggies are added. The noodles are pre-soaked in the sauce, which the cook (below) told me is a mixture of soy sauce (sii ew) and oyster sauce.

And the best thing is that from order to eat takes honestly no more than two minutes!

Here's my dish:

Because of the way they're flash-fried, the whole dish has a wonderfully smoky taste. I'm not a big meat eater, so I always order mine minus pork and extra veggies, that's why it looks particularly green.

Here's an action shot of the eating process: