The Magical World of Thai Baked Goods

Today we're going to continue our education in bizarre Siamese baked treats by touching on another cornerstone of the oeuvre: hot dogs. Somehow Thai "bakers" have found a way to make these missiles of reject meat even less attractive than they already are. Take this example, titled Jumbo Sausage Roll (heheh) and purchased at the local Tesco/Lotus:

Like most of this genre, the hot dog is displayed prominently on top of the bread. I think this is a bragging point, with the roll suggesting "Hey there! Look at me, I'm no regular, run-of-the-mill roll! I have a hot dog!" As far as I can approximate, attempts were made to make the Jumbo Sausage Roll resemble a pizza; the red streaks are some sort of ketchup-related product, the mucuous-like liquid generously slathered over the hot dog is supposed to approximate cheese, and the whole thing is sprinkled with dried oregano.

I gave the whole thing to our neighborhood dog, who just sort of stared at it. After a few minutes, when I went back outside to get my camera, he still hadn't touched it. I think that says something.