Battle of the Khao Soi

My thread on Thai noodles at eGullet has generated a considerable amount of interest in, uh…Thai noodles, especially khao soi. Worked up by all of this, culinary bad-ass, Onigiri has been doing a lot of behind the scenes trash talking saying that there’s no way a white guy can make good khao soi, even if he does live in Thailand. I say there’s no way anybody in Iowa, even if she is Thai, can make a good one. So before this verbal war escalates any further we’ve decided to have a Battle of the Khao Soi. I’m going to buy the ingredients Saturday, make the khao soi on Sunday, and post the results here afterwards. She’s going to do the same and post her results as well. Obviously as there’s no way to judge this, it's only fair that I declare myself winner in advance. As consolation I plan to send Onigiri a Jumbo Sausage Roll.