Krua Apsorn

Yellow curry with lotus stalks, Krua Apsorn In 2006 Krua Apsorn was chosen as one of the Bangkok Post's Best Restaurants (see clip here). Apparently members of the Thai royal family like to get their eat on here, and I've noticed that David Thompson likes to recommend the second branch of the restaurant, located by the National Library, to visiting chefs and friends. Not surprisingly, the place is generally quite crowded and reservations are even recommended (!), but on the rainy Friday night we visited, Krua Apsorn was virtually empty.

We started with yellow curry with lotus stems and prawns (pictured above). I really enjoyed this dish. Having recently been in southern Thailand, which is where yellow curry comes from, I have had it lots lately, but think I prefer this version. Unlike in the south, where the dish is insanely spicy (and often even more insanely sour), this version had a balance of flavours. Another favourable difference is that the lotus stem was still crispy, unlike the typically soggy veggies in the more traditional version.

A laap of mushrooms:

Mushroom laap, Krua Apsorn, Bangkok

was pleasantly sour and rich with the earthy, smokey flavour of khaao khua, roasted ground rice.

Another somewhat unusual dish was pork fried with a curry paste made with a particular type of chili called phrik karieng and milk (as opposed to coconut milk):

Pork fried with curry paste, Krua Apsorn, Bangkok

I particularly liked the simple but delicious stir-fry of gourd greens (fak maew) and a type of local flower (dawk khajawn):

A stir-fry of gourd greens and a local flower, Krua Apsorn, Bangkok

And finally, one of the restaurant's specialties, a round omelet with crab meat:

Omelet with crab, Krua Apsorn, Bangkok

Because of the Thai name, I expected this to have a lighter and fluffier texture. It was good, but a bit heavy on the egg and light on the crab.

In all, we had a very good, though not amazing, meal. I'd definitely come again though, as the expansive and slightly unusual menu suggests that there's lots of interesting stuff in store. For another view of Krua Apsorn, check out this review at previously unknown Thai foodblogger and cookbook author, Oh Sirin.

Krua Apsorn (Google Maps link) Th Dinsor 02 6854351 10.30am-10pm, closed Sunday