A work in progress

Anybody who reads this blog has undoubtedly noticed that I tend to spend a lot of time in Bangkok's Chinatown. Other than being a bizarre and boisterous part of town with great food and interesting stuff to see, I've also been taking pics there with the intention of putting on an exhibition at Bangkok's Kathmandu Photo Gallery early next year. After countless visits, I've sat down with the results and have rounded them down to 22 images that I like (at least for now). I haven't been shooting with a specific 'theme' in mind, but have been partially inspired by Khun Manit's (the owner of Kathmandu, and a well known Thai photographer) comments that the early images I showed him seemed to depict the relationship that the residents of Chinatown have with their space--typically their lack of it and the way the deal with this. Some of the pics below are an effort to explore this theme, while others are simply interesting images. It's a big blog entry, I know, but I'd appreciate if any of you could sit down for a few minutes, take look at the images and give me some feedback, in particular, which images you reckon I shouldn't include, and why.