Choy Tii

Ever find yourself in a rut? There's so much good stuff to eat in Bangkok's Chinatown, but somehow I always find myself going to the same places. Thus with the intention of trying something new, I stopped by Choy Tii, a shophouse noodle joint on Thanon Plaeng Naam in the heart of Bangkok's Chinatown. What initially drew me in was the shop's sign (above), which advertised phat mee hong kong, Hong Kong-style fried noodles. Unfortunately Choy Tii was out of the thin, pale wheat noodles used to make this dish and I was asked if I'd rather have mee haeng, 'dry noodles'. I agreed, reluctantly, and received this:

The noodles, the flat kind known as bamii, were par-boiled along with a few leaves of lettuce, and the whole lot was topped with cubes of fatty muu waan, 'sweet pork', and generous lashings of thick dark Chinese-style vinegar. The dish was meaty, oily and sour, and I thought it was one of the best bowls of noodles I've had in a long while. I ate every last bit.

Looking at the sign again it appeared that yen taa fo was Choy Tii's signature dish, so I decided to try a bowl. I was highly disappointed: the soggy noodles, tasteless factory-like fishballs and weak broth were particularly disappointing, especially after the wonderful yet simple bowl I had just eaten. It was almost enough to make me order another mee haeng.

Choy Tii (Google Maps link)
59 Th Plaeng Naam
02 222 6087
Lunch & dinner