Guilty pleasures


Lest you think it's all famous restaurants and ancient recipes for me here in Bangkok, I do enjoy (relatively) trashy food once in a while. This desire usually manifests itself early in the morning, when I'm on my way to Chinatown to take photos. Stopping by Hua Lamphong, the city's main train terminal, I beeline to the snacks shown above. The waffle-like pastry above is in fact, cleverly known as The Waffle (motto: "Enjoy your life enjoy your waffle"). Lately I've been opting for sesame-salt flavour, but I'm also an firm supporter of rum-raisin. A hunk of The Waffle is best enjoyed with a steaming paper cup of espresso from Black Canyon (motto: "A drink from paradise... available on Earth"), a bargain at 50 baht.

And if there was any additional need to justify my decision, here's the view at Hua Lamphong:

(For a larger version of this pic, go here.)

Friend and fellow blogger Newley Purnell is also a big player on the Bangkok waffle scene. He has been known to down one or two The Waffles, but is probably most recognized for his promotion of that ancient Thai snack dish, the waffle-coated hot dog.