Bamii Blow Out

Continuing on the bamii theme, today I went to the local bamii pet, duck with egg noodles, shop. This kind of bamii is a bit more hard to find than the usual that has pork or crab, but is quite good, if not better.

The noodles they use here are really good, similar in quality to egg noodles I've had in China. Here is the guy parboiling the noodles before adding them to the bowl:

If you're not into noodles, you can also order something called kao lao, which is basically the dish without the addition of noodles, and which includes a ladlefull of "gravy" made from fermented soybeans and duck broth, giving the dish a deep, savory flavor.

The shop uses entire Chinese-style roasted ducks. Here's the guy who chops them up:

And here's my bowl:

I ordered bamii pet naam, egg noodles with duck and broth. There's also some phak kwaang tung, a green leafy vegetable hiding under there.