This evening I was fortunate enough to meet the Magnum photojournalist Abbas. Abbas is one of the 50 photographers shooting for the Thailand: 9 Days in the Kingdom project, and is one of the minority of 23 who still insists on using film (as opposed to digital). Abbas usually shoots in black and white, but he will be shooting in colour for this book. He will be taking photos in Pattani, a province in Thailand's troubled, Muslim-dominated south.

Incidentally, a movie is also being made of the 9 Days... project that will document the photographers at work. The filmmakers asked each photographer if he or she would mind being filmed, and Abbas, feeling certain that this would cramp his style, wrote on the form that he is "unfriendly and difficult"!

For an amazing slide show of the events that Abbas has documented, click on the first mention of his name above.