10 Baht Khao Tom


I found myself in the Tha Phra Chan area this evening and came across a fun street stall. It sold khao tom, which literally means "boiled rice", but which usually refers to rice served with a variety of mostly Chinese-style stir-fried dishes. This khao tom stall was a bit unusual in that all the dishes were made in advance, and was also among the cheapest I've ever come across: each dish was 10 baht (28 cents). Other than being mad cheap, this khao tom stall was also mad stocked:



And when you have this many choices, choosing side dishes is a serious business:


I chose squid stuffed with ground pork, tofu fried with bean sprouts, and stir-fried eggplants. Total: 45 baht ($1.25). The food wasn't necessarily very good, but sometimes variety is better than quality. I think, anyway.