We like Sophie

Not exactly on the topic of Thai food, but I had a lovely lunch today with Sophie, keeper of this blog, author of many, many cookbooks, and a lady with enough connections to get us a free multi-course meal at D'Sens! (Actually, I'm exaggerating Sophie's powers here. I had already made an apointment with the hotel's PR rep. for an article I'm writing. But Sophie does know the chef at D'Sens and at the last minute was able to wrangle herself a free meal as well, which, you have to admit, is pretty cool too.) In addition to all this, Sophie had a camera (I...uh, didn't...) and took some photos of our lunch including this below, which, if I remember correctly, was something to do with sea urchin:

Sophie was also kind enough to take me to a previously unknown French butcher shop off of Soi Convent, where I bought some extremely tasty pate for tonight's dinner. Good job Sophie! We like Sophie here at RealThai. Someday we might even consider making her one of Us.