Things I like about Laos #4: coffee

A glass of Lao coffee, served with sweetened condensed milk and a 'chaser' of jasmine tea, Luang Prabang It's by no means the best coffee in the world, and often the amount of sweetened condensed milk is enough to give a diabetic nightmares, but the combination of product and place makes Lao coffee a mighty satisfying brew.

It's particularly nice when consumed at Pasaneyom, a tiny family-run coffee shop in Luang Prabang:

Making coffee Lao-style at Pasaneyom Coffee Shop, Luang Prabang

Before the town's morning market was moved a few blocks away, the place was very popular among tourists, and they often outnumbered locals. Today it's a bit quieter and the locals have come back. The original owner died a few years back, but his son and daughter-in-law (pictured above) carry on the tradition of a caffeine-fueled breakfast next to the Mekong.