Tha Din Daeng pork satay


It's good to know people in other parts of town. Today my friend Cherry, a resident of Thonburi, took me to Tha Din Daeng, a part of her 'hood I would otherwise never have visited. According to Cherry, this area is known for its vendors who sell satay, the Indo/Malaysian dish of grilled skewers of meat.

There are several satay vendors along this relatively short street, and they serve from lunch until late evening, and use some of the longest grills I've ever seen:


I can't even imagine how hot it must be to grill food over coals on an April day in Thailand:


We sat down at the first shop we came to and ordered 20 sticks. As shown in the first pic, pork satay is served with the famous peanut sauce (which, incidentally, many people in America mistakenly associate with Thai food) and shallots, cucumbers and sliced chilies in a vinegar/syrup mixture. In Thailand satay is also often served with grilled white bread:


something I'd be curious to know the origin of.

Everything was great, although I must admit that I prefer the Malaysian practice of furiously fanning the flames so that the satay have a smokier flavour. Cherry, on the other hand, seemed to find no fault with it:


Thaa Din Daeng Pork Satay (Google Maps link)
Tha Thaa Din Daeng, Thonburi
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