Tam Som Thai Fire Power


This is the English name of a restaurant chain we ate lunch at recently. The name is a reference to the spiciness of Thai papaya salad (called tam som in some dialects). Obviously you can't go to a place like this and not order som tam (as it's called in the central dialect):


They do a decent one here, although I reckon those with a low tolerance for obscenely spicy food might have a tough time. The som tam was served with the traditional accompaniments of crispy cucumber, lettuce and long beans, but here they put them in on the the containers normally used for noodle condiments:



We ordered laap wun sen:


which was basically pork laap with the addition of wun sen, glass noodles.

There was tom saep het faang:


Tom saep is an isaan version of tom yam, and is usually made with pork ribs. This version probably used the same broth, but had no meat, and instead included het faang, straw mushrooms. Het faang go from good to slimy in a matter of hours, and unfortunately they decided to use the squishy old ones in this soup. Yuck. But that sure is a cute little stove.

My favourite dish was their kai yaang khamin, grilled chicken with turmeric:


This tasted excellent, but the texture was a bit unusual. I have a feeling they deep-fried it, then grilled it, or vice-versa. Oddly enough, "grilled chicken" is sometimes deep-fried in Thailand.

And there was, of course, sticky rice:


Cute container, no?

Tam Som Thai Fire Power
Kaset-Navamin Highway (very close to the Ram Inthra Expressway)

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