Sunrise Tacos


Mexican is a cuisine that one is pretty hard-pressed to find in Bangkok. Thus there was something of a buzz in Bangkok (OK, essentially an email from a friend) when a new taco shop opened off of Sukhumvit.

Compelled to investigate, I ordered three soft tacos (pictured above), which in the Mexican style, are served open-faced and topped with your choice of meat: chicken, seasoned ground beef, carnitas, carne asada and barbacoa beef. I went with carnitas and carne asada and found them both to be pretty good. The corn tortillas weren't bad either, but the entire taco package was brought down by shoddy toppings (shredded iceberg lettuce, tinned jalapeños and "cheese") and a sweet, slightly artificial tasting salsa ("John's Red Hot Salsa"). Inexcusable really, considering that most the requisite taco ingredients, including some of those lacking at Sunshine (cilantro, lime, onions) are available fresh here in Bangkok.

Burritos and chips and salsa/guacamole are also available, as well as a couple plate dishes. Sunrise Tacos is a located a short walk from Asoke BTS station and is open 24 hours.

For obsessively in-depth insight into the Los Angeles taco scene, including images of real tacos, visit The Great Taco Hunt.

Sunrise Tacos
No. 236/3-4 Sukhumvit
02 229 4851