Sukhumvit Soi 38

This is a street in Bangkok that is particularly known for its street food. Every night at about 7:00 vendors push their carts out to the intersection with Sukhumvit and the hungry follow them there. The area has been well known for ages, but I get the feeling that it might be in the process of becoming a Tourist Attraction, as there were quite a few lost-looking foreigners clutching guidebooks, and the prices on some dishes were substantially higher than usual. I must admit that I've only recently discovered this area; I live on virtually the opposite end of Bangkok and don't tend to eat Thai food outside of my area too often. However, I'm looking into moving--possibly to this street--and the added benefit of good street food might make it an easy decision!

Here's a view of the street from the Thong Lor BTS station:

This guy is selling khao man kai, Hainanese chicken rice:

The guy on the right is making khaa muu, pork leg stewed in spices:

And to his left is the noodle stand I ate at. I had yen taa fo, a Chinese noodle dish. Here it is being prepared:

He's adding phak bung, a crunchy green vegetable known in English as morning glory. The noodles were excellent--probably one of the best bowls of yen taa fo I've had--but at 50 baht, also one of the most expensive! However I'm always willing to pay a bit more for good food, and ahem, atmosphere (the noodles were consumed while sitting on a plastic stool on the side of the road with me virtually dripping with sweat).

Frying phat thai:

Makin juice:

This lady makes yam, Thai-style spicy/sour 'salads':