Snapshots from Mae Hong Son: Lung Long

 Lung Long, Mork Jampae, Mae Hong SonLung Long, Mork Jampae, Mae Hong Son

Lung Long is one of the few remaining people in Mae Hong Son who is skilled in the Shan art of doing metal fretwork.  Such fretwork decorates the rooflines of the province's largely Burmese-style Buddhist temples and was previously made by hand from zinc, but now stainless steel or aluminum is used. Lung Long is mostly retired these days, but will occasionally do work to order, such as the peacocks above that I commissioned. If you want a special souvenir from Mae Hong Son and are willing to go to Mork Jampae (a Thai Yai village about 12km from Mae Hong Son), give him a call at 084 367 3618.