Snapshots from Mae Hong Son: Khao Kan Jin

 Khao kan jin, rice steamed with blood, Mae Hong Son. I've previously blogged on khao kan jin, rice steamed with blood and bits of meat -- a Shan/Thai Yai dish that's popular here in Mae Hong Son. After eating at the previously mentioned stall for years, I finally found another vendor, hidden in a side street and located roughly across from the TOT (Telephone Organization of Thailand) office. Drizzled with garlic oil and served with sprigs of cilantro, raw garlic cloves and deep-fried dried chilies, there isn't much to distinguish the khao kan jin (pictured above) here from my old standby. Both stalls are open at roughly the same time (3-6pm) and both serve khanom jeen nam ngiaw and deep-fried pork rinds. If anything, I'd say that the khao kan jin here is slightly less rich, and the stall also does a variation of the dish that has not been steamed and thus contains raw blood -- the result being a rather intimidating bright pink ball of rice.

Khao kan jin Located roughly across from TOT office, Mae Hong Son 3-6pm

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