Silom Soi 20

Was downtown yesterday and decided to stop by another well known food street, Silom Soi 20. Although not as well known or expansive as Sukhumvit Soi 38, this street also seems to get its fair share of both hungry Thais and sunburnt whiteys. The street is in what must be one of Bangkok's most multi-cultural areas, with a great deal of people of Chinese origin, a popular mosque, a very large Hindu temple across the street and even a sizeable Burmese population.

Here's a view of the street:

You can see the spire of the mosque in the background, and some Muslim dishes are sold there, and keeping with the multi-culturality of it all, a Chinese guy selling pork just accross the street!

The majority of the food on Soi 20 is Chinese-style, which means lotsa frying:

So with this in mind I started out with a dish of phat see ew:

It was too dark inside the shop to photograph the dish, but it was nothing special. Hardly a tick on the bum of this phat see ew near my home, and I needed to add about six tablespoons of fish sauce to make it taste like anything.

In general the street seems to sell more fruit than cooked food, as can be seen here:

For those too lazy to peel their own, here's a close of up a fruit cart that can be found in virtually every corner of Bangkok:

And some fresh durian sold near the Silom end:

On my way out I noticed a new restaurant across the way on Silom. The restaurant was called Roti Yummy and specializes, as the name suggests, in roti, a kind of fried "pancake", normally associated with Thai-Muslim food. I was excited about this, as roti with curry is one of my favorite dishes. I stopped by and ordered plain roti and a bowl of kaeng karii kai, Muslim-style chicken curry...

...and was rapidly disappointed. The roti was OK; hot and crispy in the right places, but the curry was bland and stodgy; a big fat brown bowl of mush. With a corny name like Roti Yummy I should have known better.