Saluhallen, opened in 1888, is the largest and most famous of Stockholm's indoor markets. Located in Östermalm, traditionally the wealthiest part of town, you're not going to find any deals here, but the setting is amazing, and the products excellent.


This market is considerably more "Swedish" than Hötorgshallen, and inside you'll find more traditional Swedish staples such as potatoes:


herring to eat over them:


or even smoked eel:


Or maybe you'd rather have your potatoes fried with ham, as in the traditional Swedish dish, pytt i panna:


If you crave Swedish food but can't be bothered to cook, there's also prepared food inside the hall:


as well as baked goods to take home:


If you don't mind doing a bit of cooking, pick up some sausages:


It's all there:


To reach Saluhallen, take the red line subway to Östermalmstorg station.