Salmon Cuisine

No, I don't make this stuff up. Salmon Cuisine is really truly the name of the restaurant where I took today's lunch. And no, the food is not just for fish. People can eat there too.

The restaurant is one of countless "steak" restaurants found around Bangkok nowadays. These restaurants typically serve overpriced Western-style food, the "steaks" generally being sorry-looking pork chops! They're generally to be avoided, but today Salmon Cuisine caught my eye for 1. Its ridiculous name 2. A Thai-language sign out fron stating that they served roti kaeng karee. For those of you who aren't familiar with this dish, roti is a kind of crispy pancake of Muslim origin, and kaeng karee, literally "curry curry", a Muslim-style coconut milk-based curry laden with dry spices. At Salmon Cuisine these came together as a set:


and were not half bad. I suspect the roti was of the pre-made frozen variety (and was, as you can see, a bit on the meagre side), but it was well heated up and crispy nonetheless. The curry was pleasantly spicy, with small chunks of potato and carrot. The topping you see there is cripsy deep-fried shallots. Comprehensively delish, but more a snack that a meal.

Khuat had already eaten and was after dessert, and ordered an apple crepe with vanilla ice cream:


Waaaay too sweet. The ice cream was from Swensens, which is popular here, but to my tongue tastes somehow "artificial" and, again much too sweet. The pool of syrup seen at the back of the plate is a a pool of syrup. These dishes and two drinks cost 300 baht ($8)! This may not seem a lot to some of you in The West, but compare this with my far superior northern Thai meal of a few days ago for a mere 45 baht!

A couple more close-up shots of the food can be seen here.

And due to popular demand, from now on I'm going to try to list the addresses and phone numbers of the places I visit.

Salmon Cuisine
Located under the Ram Inthra Expressway (about 1 km from Ram Intra Road)
02 949 9644