Roti Mataba


Roti Mataba is the name of restaurant on Thanon Phra Athit that has been made extremely popular by its place in the Lonely Planet guide. It used to be quite good, but standards have dipped in recent years and I'd not really recommend it any more. The Roti Mataba I'm mentioning today is an entirely different place.

Found around the corner next to Thammasat University, this Roti Mataba is located at the beginning of the impossibly narrow alleyway known as the Tha Phra Chan Market. We were simply here for a snack, and ordered a mataba (pictured above), a Thai-Muslim dish similar to a stuffed pancake. This one was filled with minced chicken that had been mixed with a delicious 'curry' mixture and egg. Mataba are always served with ajaat, a sweet/sour dipping sauce that includes sliced chilies (the mild type) and cucumber.

The restaurant itself is tiny cave-like affair:

(Click here to see a larger version.)

and since there's no ventilation, and virtually everything the restaurant makes is fried, the entire place is coated with a thin film of oil. It's also very hot, but despite all this, it really is an ideal place for a snack, as they serve a huge variety of drinks, as well as every imaginable type of Thai snack-type food, including hoy thord (fried oysters), spring rolls, som tam, and in particular, yam plaa duk foo:


the salad of crispy deep-fried catfish.

Roti Mataba Tha Phra Chan (Google Maps link)
081 309 6780