DSC_6105 The last place Andy took me to was Phornchai, a longstanding noodle soup restaurant near Chiang Mai's city centre. This shophouse restaurant serves what is probably the most basic of Thai noodles, kuaytiaw. Pictured above, the bowls consist of a thin, largely bland broth, noodles (rice- or wheat-based), sliced cabbage, a bit of crispy pork fat with garlic, and continuing our meat theme, your choice of beef or pork. The beef balls were pretty tasty, although I found the other cuts slightly tough.


They also do a decent khao soi:


which appears deceptively bland and thin, but was actually quite hearty and meaty, with subtle hints of dried spice.

Phornchai 80/4-5 Th Wua Lay, Chiang Mai 053 200 715

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