Pattaya: Tankay Restaurant


I spent the last three days in the resort town of Pattaya with my former students, the Satit Kaset IP Class of 2006. At 19 and 20 they're pretty much adults now, which seems strange to me as I first met most of them when they were in 6th grade! Apparently I had a good influence on them, as a few of them are now totally camera obsessed, and based on the meals we had, they generally seem to have pretty good taste in restaurants.

I'll be blogging on a couple of the places we ate at, but will start with our first meal, and the primary reason Thai people visit such places: seafood. Varawit led us to Tankay Restaurant, an open-air seafood joint located smack dab in the middle of Walking Street, Pattaya's sleazy go go bar area, an area he's apparently intimately familiar with.

There we consumed plaa meuk khai:


Grilled squid, including its eggs. I always like grilled squid, but don't really care for the eggs, which honestly have little if any flavour, and a spongy texture.

Plaa kraphong neung sii ew, fish steamed in soy sauce:


which included heaps of shredded green onion and ginger in a pleasantly salty broth. Very nice, apparently, as Chanon appeared to eat virtually every last fish molecule:


Somebody ordered thord man koong, deep-fried shrimp cakes:


and steamed crab legs:


and perhaps as a result of feeling a bit too carnivorous, I also decided to order some greens:


flash-fried morning glory, which was done exceptionally well here.

The meal was accompanied with three huge plates of crab fried rice (first pic above), the usual carb accompaniment to Thai seafood feasts.


All in all a very good Thai seafood meal, although considering the area, I imagine the atmosphere might be quite different at night!

Tankay Restaurant
Walking Street, Pattaya
038 710 447