Pai's Wednesday Market

Like many areas in rural northern Thailand, Mae Hong Son province hosts a mobile market that sets up shop in a different town once a week. I happened to be in Pai when the market came into town (it's held in Mae Hong Son city on Sundays, and in Soppong on Tuesdays), and on a very cold Wednesday morning, stopped by.

It's a low-key affair that brings together a handful of vendors selling an almost exclusively local selection of produce: think disks of dried soybeans, freshly-ground turmeric, black sesame seeds, mustard greens. There's some bizarre stuff imported from Myanmar -- herbal remedies, suspicious-looking tinned curries and ancient-looking sweets -- and several prepared food vendors. The latter make it a good breakfast option, particularly if you're in Pai, and it's possible to get a hot bowl of khao sen (thin rice noodles served with a pork and tomato broth), crispy deep-fried triangles of chickpea flour (pictured above) or Shan/Thai Yai-style sweets.

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Pai's Wednesday Market Behind police station, Pai 7-10am

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