Noodle re-run

Today's lunch was taken at a local noodle joint that I've previously described here. Don't normally like to do reruns, but this place has a great dish that I've only recently discovered. The dish is called hoy jor, and looks like this:


Hoy jor is ground pork mixed with crab and copious black pepper, which is then wrapped in a tofu skin and deep-fried. It's similiar to the dish mentioned here, and is essentially a protein-based spring roll. The dish is served with a sweetish plum dipping sauce that is easily forgettable, but the hoy jor itself is crispy outside and tender inside, and has so much pepper it's almost spicy. Very good--we usually get two dishes.

Another thing I ordered that I usually don't is crysanthemum juice:


Don't think I'll be doing that again. Way too sweet, and tastes like a Chinese apothecary smells!

And I couldn't resist the usual, kwaytiao khae:


The meatballs and fishballs (there are about five different kinds) here are outstanding.