Nonthaburi Market

Inspired by a writer acquaintance who encourged me to "hone my craft" I decided to get out of my home office and take some photos. My muse led me to Nonthaburi Market, north of Bangkok. This is a really fun market in a sort of old fashioned area right next to the Chao Phraya River.

A marketside breakfast of stewed pork leg amongst the flies and screaming vendors. Not my ideal brekkie:


Much more interesting for breakfast are khanom jeep, Chinese-style dim sum-like meat tidbits:


You'll need coffee, and that's what this cheeky lad is here for:


Steamed plaa thuu, mackerel, is one of the most common foods in Thailand:


Sometimes plaa thuu is grilled, along with chilies, garlic, shallots and eggplant, and then mashed up in mortar and pestle into a delicicous dip. Here are the ingredients before the mashing; the dish is made to order:


This guy is dishing up preserved freshwater crabs, a popular ingredient in NE-style som tam:


This guy was selling knives and razors. To the right is a try of very finely chopped ginger. I'm not sure if this was for sale or a testament to the sharpness of his knives!


A few more pics from this trip can be seen here.