Nonthaburi Market (again)

A few months ago I visited the morning market in Nonthaburi and posted some pics. Well I was back there again this morning and took a few more images worth sharing. If you weren't around the first time, Nonthaburi is a province just north of Bangkok whose market is a huge affair located next to the Chao Phraya River. There's lots of fruit from the surrounding provinces, and it's one of the few places in Thailand where you'll see bicycle rickshaws still in action. I'd really recommend it to market hounds or just people interested in Thai food. To get there take the Chao Phraya River Express boat to the northernmost stop, or tell a taxi driver to go to thaa ruea non ("Nonthaburi boat pier"), the market is only a block away.


Selling cutting boards:


which, I've read somewhere, are usually made from tamarind wood.



The flesh inside is white and speckled with tiny black seeds; quite different from the outside!

There's lots of seafood at the Nonthaburi market, including artfully arranged mussels and clams:


a kind of fish known as plaa jeen, "Chinese fish":


and lots of eels and turtles:


Other products from nature include honey:


and some rather attractive pumpkins: