Nong New

Nong New at work at his epynomous stall in Bangkok's Chinatown Nong New, a stall in Bangkok's Chinatown, specialises in a few dishes that you're more than likely to run into in this part of town: birds' nest and shark fin soup. I've had bird nest soup a couple times, and find it too sweet for my taste. And shark fin soup is a ridiculous dish that's more superstition than cuisine. But there's still reason to visit Nong New's stall; he's known for making some of the best phat mee hong kong, 'Hong Kong-style fried noodles', in the area:

Mee phat hong kong, 'Hong Kong-style fried noodles', at Nong New, a stall in Bangkok's Chinatown

This dish, which one could best describe as deliciously bland, combines thin round wheat noodles with exceedingly fresh and tasty shrimp, crab meat, chicken breast and dried mushrooms, not to mention a variety of sauces and flavourings, ranging from what looked like oyster sauce to Chinese dark vinegar.  Nong New (shown at the top of this post) takes great care in preparing his noodles, at times judiciously mixing the contents with a small metal spatula, and at other times simply grabbing the wok with a towel and tossing the ingredients in the air by hand. This results in a dish that's not only balanced and delicious, but at 100B (about $2.50 US), also the most expensive mee phat hong kong in the area.

Having never been to Hong Kong, I was wondering if this dish, or something similar to it, can actually be found there?

Nong New (Google Maps link) Th Yaowarat (across from Th Phadung Dao) 081 497 6125 6pm-late