Nom Jo


Virtually next door to K. Phanich is Nom Jo, a small restaurant that specializes in, of all things, milk. This is an odd variety of Thai restaurant that, I assume, dates back to the days when milk was something not generally available in Thailand and Thais had to go to specialist restaurants to drink it. Nowadays milk can be bought everywhere, but the restaurants still exist, and have begun to sell a variety of dishes to stay alive.

At Nom Jo ('Jo's Milk') we skipped over the milk altogether and went directly to kuaytiao luy suan, literally 'noodles on an adventure in the garden'. I really have no idea regarding the origin of this name (can anybody help?), and can only assume that it has to do with the fact that the dish is served with a large variety of fresh herbs and veggies.

As shown above, the dish is similar in form to spring rolls, the main difference being that kuaytiao luy suan are 'wetter' and more savoury. With lesser versions of this dish, when you break the noodle wrapper, the typically 'dry' filling tends to tumble out. With Jo's version, the filling, a mixture of ground pork, carrot and shiitake mushrooms, and a few other things I can't recall, had been sauteed before being placed on a lettuce leaf and bundled in the noodle. This helped hold the mixture together, and the seasoning during this process also provided a salty, savoury taste. The rice-flour noodle wrapper was also very nice, and was thick and toothsome without being soggy or heavy.

The dish was served with two sauces: a delicious spicy/sour one similar to that served with Thai seafood, and another sweet sauce similar to the one Thais eat with fried chicken, not to mention herbs including basil, mint, sawtooth coriander and lettuce.

Nom Jo also serves what look like some very interesting Chinese-Thai stews and curries, not to mention a variety of drinks (both milk and non-milk).

Nom Jo (Google Maps link)
Thanon Tanao (next door to K. Phanich--look for the cow sign)
089 788 6417