Nay Mong

Or suan, a type of oyster omelet, at Nay Mong, a restaurant in Bangkok's Chinatown I last blogged about this shophouse restaurant in Bangkok's Chinatown back in 2007, but after several recent meals there, feel compelled to do a re-run. Actually, despite my numerous visits, I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I've only ever ordered one dish at Nay Mong: or lua, a crispy oyster and egg omelet (shown here). It eventually took the help of a couple newbies to get me out of my rut.

Visiting the restaurant on a recent eating tour of Chinatown, Hock's father in law, P, was clever enough to order or suan, the 'soft' version the dish (shown above). I'd had this dish elsewhere, but Nay Mong's take was simply head and shoulders above anything else. Like or lua, the dish combines just four ingredients: oysters, egg, green onions and a sticky batter (and of course, seasoning). But in this case, the ingredients are deftly fried, resulting in a light creamy texture that seems to emphasize the eggy and salty flavours of the dish; a profound contrast with the starchy, sticky, heavy pancake that one finds at most places.

I still love or lua, but there is definitely going to be some serious indecision on my next visit. And to add to this, I've also been told on good authority that Nay Mong does a very good crab fried rice.

Maybe next year.

Nay Mong 539 Thanon Phlapplaachai 02 623 1890 5-10pm

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