Natthaphorn Ice Cream


Thanks to the vigilance of devoted readers such as Austin from Bangkok (apparently I'm not the only one), I'm kept abreast of developments in the fast-moving world of the city's food scene. However today's entry is not even remotely fast moving. Natthaphorn, an unassuming street side ice cream shop in Olde Bangkok has been scooping for at least 60 years. I'd heard of it before, but hadn't yet visited, so today after an excellent lunch at the nearby Chotechitr, and with Austin's praise in mind, I finally made it to Natthaphorn's with friends Ron, Carla and Giovanna:


As the sign in the first pic indicates, they have three flavours: coconut, chocolate and coffee:


The maphrao on, or young coconut ice cream is the shop's most famous:


It contains no milk; only coconut cream and tender coconut meat, and like many Thai sweets that contain these ingredients, a very subtle salty flavour. The texture is slightly more "icy" than Western-style ice cream, but is still smooth, and the ice cream seems to take its sweetness from the coconut, rather than added sugar.

I think Ron liked it:


The chocolate:


and coffee varieties are made using milk, and are more or less similar to Western-style ice cream, but were also delicious.

The friendly third-generation owner says that she does other flavours on occasion, including "milk tea" and passion fruit, among others. Because Thai-style ice cream is often served with sticky rice, we suggested that she do a mango ice cream in an effort to capture the flavours of the famous Thai dessert, mango and sticky rice. She said she'd do it if we promised to come back. We'll be back.

Natthaphorn Ice Cream
94 Phraeng Phuthorn
02 221 3954

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