Nang Loeng Market's khanom beuang

Thai-style khanom beuang at Nang Loeng Market, Bangkok Located near Bangkok's historic Nang Loeng Market is a narrow alley where you'll find two slightly different dishes, united in their use of the same name, a crispy shell and a predominately sweet flavour:

Soi  4 near Nang Loeng Market, Bangkok

The first vendor, Ya Sam, makes the rarer form of khanom beuang (pictured at the top of this post), a crispy egg- and flour-based omelet filled with bean sprouts, tofu, coriander and a savoury/spicy mixture of coconut meat, shrimp, black pepper and coriander root. The dish is served with a sweet/sour dipping sauce that combines sliced cucumbers, chili, ginger and shallots. Frankly, I find this type of khanom beuang a bit too sweet, but this is a personal preference, and in fact think these flavours are probably representative of authentic old-school Bangkok-style food.

Virtually across from this stall there's also a vendor of the more ubiquitous form of khanom beuang:

Serving Thai-style khanom beuang at Nang Loeng Market, Bangkok

Lung Noy still makes these crispy taco-like snacks the traditional way, with a bean-based batter and two fillings, sweet, which combines dried fruit and sweet duck egg yolk strands, and savoury, which has a spicy shrimp mixture similar to the one mentioned above.

An ideal one-stop meal destination for those who appreciate linguistic redundancy, sweet flavours and a bit of crunch.

Khanom beuang vendors Soi 4, Thanon Nakhon Sawan, Bangkok Lunchtime

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