Naay Mong


Mr. Mong makes the best hawy thawt, fried oysters, in town. Actually, don't tell Mr. Mong, but I prefer it when Mrs. Mong is at the stove (see above). Her dish is greasy, has little nutritional value, and honestly, doesn't look very attractive:


but it's delicious, which is what counts.

To make it, they fry a flour and egg-based batter over a coal-burning stove until it resembles crispy and nearly burnt pancake:


They then toss either mussels or oysters on the stove and along with some spring onions, soy sauce and a corn starch wash, fry until just done. These are then used to top the crispy batter.

I'm told they also make an excellent fried rice with crab.

Naay Mong (Google Maps link)
539 Thanon Phlapplaachai
02 623 1890